Berit and Dana beachcombing in September 2007

A skate had washed up on to the beach

We started the year with a field trip right after Labor day. We went to Cape Henlopen in Delaware (http://www.destateparks.com/chsp/chsp.htm) and learned all sorts of stuff about the geography, flora and fauna, history and economics, the works! And we played in the sand a lot too.

B at the HarpHere is Berit practicing her harp. She longs for a pedal harp but sounds lovely on the lever harp we can currently afford to rent.

If you click the blue link below, you can see the unit “to do” chart we make for each lesson to help keep track of what has been done, what needs attention yet to complete, and give us a preview of what’s coming next in the girls’ school work.



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  1. kristinsk said,

    September 4, 2008 at 8:12 pm

    Even though we continued to do lessons through the summer, there is something about September and the start of the regular school year that has us refreshed! We ditched the Calvert/Jemicy program we were using for Dana because it was very clumsy, and though they have redesigned it for this year (last year was a pilot) we’d have to buy it all over again to benefit from those changes. Calvert has been very accommodating about returning the unused materials for a refund. We bought the Oak Meadow 4th grade materials second hand on Ebay, and they arrived today! Dana is very happy and energized about it, and it is more Waldorfy as well as better reflective of our Quaker way of seeing things. A better fit all around.

    Berit is continuing using the Oak Meadow 5 for her 7th grade year. It operates at a comfortable reading level for her so she can be a bit more independent of me in her work than Dana is. We started out last year with the OM7 materials and it was good intellectually for her but not developmentally in terms of her need for independence at 13, and both her reading and math levels of skill. She makes steady progress, slowed by the Dyslexia but steadily forward.

    The cancer behind me and the healing almost complete we are all off to a good September start!

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