Berit and Dana are my daughters, ages 13 and 10 respectively. Berit plays the Harp and Dana loves birds. They are homeschooling with me using a mixture of Waldorf and more common methods. This blog will be a place where they might gather some of their work and thoughts about it. I might do the same.


Dana is using the 4th grade pilot program put together by The Jemicy School (a school for kids with language based learning difficulties – i.e. Dyslexia) and Calvert ( a very traditional curriculum which has been around and successful for many years). The program is good but has some kinks yet to be worked out. The main one is that they essentially took a phonics program and glued it on to the basic 4th grade Calvert program. The trouble is that Dana is ahead of where the phonics program is but behind where the 4th grade stuff is in terms of reading and math. At the same time she is very smart and impatient with her road-blocks. J/C suggests a daily schedule beginning at 9 and ending at 2:55, which would be fine if everything went smoothly (it doesn’t) and if she were my only student/child! Nevertheless we are enjoying being at home and working with the program materials. We add Miquon math to the mix because it extends the itterations of practice for each concept and it does so in a way that stimulates thinking in flexible ways. We add literature because Dana loves it even if she can’t read it all by her self. She and i will be posting our “bookshelf” here later.

Berit is my 13 year old 7th grader. She has Dyslexia too, and uses the Oak Meadow curriculum supplemented with materials from Live Education! so she can stay current with her friends in her Waldorf School class. The school decided she could not return after 6th grade because she is not reading on grade level and takes longer to learn math than the others. All her teachers supported her returning, all her evaluations in each subject were glowing in their praise of her diligence and intellect. She was very disappointed but, being her practical and cheerful self, she tackled the 7th grade at home with the same diligence and grace. She’s stayed very close with her classmates (all 8 of them) and her former teacher (who left the school as well). She joins Dana for math because she needs to solidify her basic arithmetic skills, even though she can do the more advanced math she was learning in school.

We do some school work every day but less on Saturday and Sunday when I am out working with other people’s kids. I do end their school day at 3:pm partly because we’ve all had enough by then, and partly because Monday through Thursday evenings I am out working with my students from 4 to sometimes 10pm. Their father steps in from his teaching job (high school history) as I am headed out the door, making dinner and taking care of a horde of pets and messes therefrom created over the course of our day. We wave to each other and plan a date for sometime in June.



  1. Jan Lyn said,

    September 27, 2008 at 8:55 pm

    I enjoyed taking a look at your blog. A Friend pointed it out to me as I also am homeschooling 2 daughters, grades 3 and 7 and consider myself to be Quaker in spirit, though not in formal membership as of yet. Our daughers are about the same age and my youngest is just starting to learn the harp.

    Well wishes and peace to you in your hs year,
    Jan Lyn

  2. Ganeida said,

    May 18, 2009 at 11:24 pm

    Small circle. Waves to Jan Lyn in passing.

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