Meditations on Quaker Education via Howard Brinton

Brinton says: “There is a vast difference between preparing to meet college entrance requirements and preparing for the kingdom of heaven. But there was a time when Quakerism had a definite philosophy of life which resulted in a definite standard of living embodied in a real community of persons. The purpose of education was to provide training for the kind of living which was implicit in the nature of Quakerism.[Quaker education in theory and practice p. 20]”

Can we prepare for living a Quaker life, college, and heaven at the same time? I tend to think that getting the patterns of our living here and now as close to what we imagine, are lead to imagine, heaven to require, ought to be our effort, and that we can raise our children within that effort. If college preparation is a part of what we think important for them, we should be able to do that in the mix. What do you think?


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