What is Quaker about our Homeschooling?: Part II An attempt at a statement of Faith and Practice

The central guide for us are the leadings on faith and practice (small f and p, not meant to refer only to the published F&P) handed down through Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (http://www.pym.org).
They are principles, and ways of putting them into action, that center on the teachings and life of Jesus and on keeping free of anything that might distract one from connection to The Light Within. That Light is , we believe, that of God in each person: “that Divine Spirit which would lead them into all truth” (George Fox, Journal).
That said, there have been many changes to how Quakers of this type (there are others) interpret how to behave, worship, dress, etc. All those things can and do generate long and deep conversations but the focus here is on how we live and teach our children at home.
In these entries I’ll talk about things like a “guarded education,” simplicity and plainness, discipline, and the ways that the Quaker culture in which I was raised influences our homeschooling now.
I should make the caveat here that these are MY statements of faith and practice and that I don’t speak for all of Quakerdom.


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