Meeting today

Dana and I went to meeting this morning, for the first time in a long time. Now that school is out, I don’t have students on the weekend so I’m not as tired on Sunday morning, and don’t have to rush. The day was beautiful and, in this kind of weather, meeting is held outside on the back porch of the meetinghouse, overlooking the graveyard. That might sound morbid but really it is lovely. The old stones are closest to the porch and are covered in yellow-green lichen. There are big old cedar trees in which blue birds are nesting. Dana added three nests to her list, including the blue birds and a white breasted nuthatch.

No one spoke today, so it was birdsong and tree rustle, bicycle wheels on the road below the meeting house, and an occasional car. The breeze was fresh and cool. When the other children went to first day school, the Friend who is teaching it motioned an invitation to Dana, but she declined. She sat beside me through the hour, much as anyone else of the variety of ages did.

When announcements were made at the rise of meeting, one was about a group who will share a pot luck dinner on Tuesday, followed by a worship/meditation sharing while knitting or doing other handwork. Dana sought the Friend who had made the announcement to say she’d like to attend and to ask what she should bring. Folks remarked that she had elected to stay in meeting rather than go to FDS, and that they’d never had a child to the handwork worship sharing group before. Dana told them about her bird feeding station and her habit of sitting still so the birds will not mind her being there. One Friend remarked that this must be the explanation for Dana’s being able to sit quietly in meeting for worship, unusual for a ten year old. She replied that sitting with the birds is her own meeting for worship time, just not so many people. Dana asked if I would drive her to the handwork group and bring my knitting too, further suggesting that she might bring cucumber soup, and this was greeted with pleasure. Developments to follow!


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