I have been thinking about this word since it was part of what responders interpreted me to be wanting when they read my story about our meeting and our homeschooling. I don’t think that word captures what I was after, really. What I wanted was Quaker process, corporate discernment, a collaboration in holding my daughter’s education in the light. A committee which would recommend, assist with seeing the way ahead, question.  That would be Quaker practice in homeschool oversight. The committee for clearness on the way forward would have been great in this role, had it continued. It is true that I wanted more heads than mine and my husband’s attending to the matter in part to catch what we might miss, and in that sense I did want a kind of accountability, I guess, but not in the sense of answering to an authority who would praise or blame.  Is that what you meant by “accountability” or have I misinterpreted?


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